How to Teach English from Anywhere You Have Internet

Teachers, educators, lend me your ears! Are you tired? Burned out? Ready to leave your 7 am to midnight lifestyle of grading papers, lesson planning, and crying into your ice cream while binging FRIENDS? Don’t worry, compadre. I’ve got the hook-up. 

Look, I get it. You are a teacher because you’re passionate about kids. You are passionate about learning and about investing in the lives of the future. None of us become teachers for the money. But goddamnit, a little extra cash wouldn’t hurt, ammaright? 

As teachers, we have the unique ability to take our skillset into just about any country in the world. News flash – pretty much everyone on planet earth wants to learn English, and it can be a pretty sweet way to merge your passions with an international lifestyle. Personally, I’ve taught English in six countries spanning five continents and it’s an awesome gig!

But there is a DOWNSIDE to teaching overseas….

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